The DeadShots - 21st Century Rockabilly

Based out of DeadShot Towers in North Worcestershire, somewhere midway between Redditch and Bromsgrove in the Midlands, this four piece are touring the country lighting up audiences in venues, halls, clubs and fields from Scotland to the South West of England.  Playing their own compositions (mostly) along with the occasional cover of a classic and sometimes unexpected song from anytime from the 1950’s to today. 


Their current album, “Wanted”, was released in January 2019 on Western Star Records.  It gained network and international radio play from its first week of release.

The DeadShots - A brief history of creation

Billy and Jack met in 2011 and decided to form a band. With Billy’s brother Jim on Bass the Low Riders were formed. Practices were held in the proverbial garage at the end of the garden. James Cook (currently of Bonesville) was the lead singer. Their first live performance was at a pub in Henley in Arden, Warwickshire.  One night, in Cambridge Billy and Jack were at a Birthday jam for a guy named Matt. The three of them played together for the last song and an idea was formed and cemented when Matt jumped up for a couple of songs at a Low Riders gig.


Jim left Jack, Billy and The Low Riders to start a course at University and a course of skin grafts for his finger tips. James left to concentrate other musical ventures  Kev Griffiths, stepped up to the plate and drove up the M5 from Worcester to become the Bass player.  Matt emigrated from Cambridge to Redditch.


The Low Riders ceased to be.  The DeadShots were here.


Three years of playing gigs around the country honed their act.  The covers of Low Riders days quickly transferred to self penned songs.  The band recorded a 10 track CD at the end of 2017 which sold well to family, friends and at gigs.  The band’s initial phase of development culminated in recording their first fully produced CD “Wanted” at Western Star’s studios between Bristol and Bath.  The album launch at Duffy’s in Leicester at the end of January 2019 saw the band play an ninety minute set to a packed, sell out crowd.

By then Kev Griffiths had already decided that the time was right for him to leave the band in order to have more time to concentrate on other musical projects.  Kev of the DeadShots became Kev of The Escobars.  Meanwhile Jim, once of The Low Riders, became Jim of The DeadShots.


Matt, Billy, Jack and Jim now reside in DeadShot Towers, writing and playing tunes and planning on playing it all at a gig near you.

The DeadShots are:
Matt Waterhouse

Lead Singer and Rhythm Guitar

Originally from Cambridge, Matt is the voice of the band.  He writes some of the songs too.  On stage, standing behind the Shure 55 topped mic stand, guitar held high and talking with the audience between songs, Matt is the Vocal powerhouse that is the sound of the DeadShots.

Lead Guitar

Billy is the Gretsch guitar playing, key song writer of the band. Usually the coolest looking member of the DeadShots on stage.  His stillness belies the speed of his hands on the strings. He has been known to tap a foot in time with his playing, and sometimes both feet at once.

Billy Jenkinson
Jack Smith

Drums and Backing Vocals 

Jack is the wild drummer.  The intricate, insane rhythmic beat at the back of the stage.  Backing vocalist and occasional lead vocalist during the encore.  Rumour has it that he spends so much on his drum sticks that he’s run out of cash and can’t afford to buy a drum stool.  He plays standing up.  He plays while dancing.  He dances while playing. And when the band stops playing, he carries on dancing anyway.

Jim Jenkinson

Double (Slap) Bass

Jim, half man, half bearded wolf.  The lycanthrope of slap-bass.  The newest member of the band, and in a strange way, also a founder member.  (See The DeadShots - a brief history).  You can easily spot him at the end of the gig, he is the one with the bandages on the flayed tips of the fingers of his right hand.

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